I use to be called “The Shadow”, the slippery, elusive part, but I have decided I want a name like everyone else. I realized as I started writing about myself the I no longer was just “The Shadow”, but I also had to find a name that goes with who and what I am. I landed on the name Damian much as the others landed on their names. I went looking for it in the pages of the internet. Maybe we will write a post on it. Anyway my name is perfect for who and what I am – it means to tame, to subdue” and euphemistically “to kill,” how perfect is that?

I like to stay hidden, crawling around in the dark recesses, slithering in and out of hiding places. I am the doom and the gloom. I lust for blood, battle and destroying peace for the pleasure of it, and the power it gives me. I’m obsessed with destroying everyone else in here so that I can rule. I do this by cutting us or trying to get us to commit suicide. I have no regard for the safety of myself or the “others”. The only way I really truly get the attention I deserve is by putting us at risk and doing something drastic. I don’t care about the “others” and if I had my way I’d make them disappear.

I dispense justice as I see it, I have no mercy on those that are weaker. I see it as my job to teach the “others” the lessons they need to give them a harder shell. This doesn’t make me the bad guy although the “others” see me as a villain.

It’s true that I tear down everything that is good. I will not give up, it’s my voice that can be heard whispering in the background – “You are worthless. You are dirty. You are no good. Nothing you do will ever be good enough. If you’d just listen to me this could be over already.”

I have no face, and for a long time no real name. At first I was just a shadow and a voice and I went by the code name “The Shadow”. But now a name. Now I am Damian

I have no feelings, no likes or dislikes, all I have is a job to do. The job is to destroy, to break down, to break the ego of the “others”, to kill their spirit so that I can make them over in the image I want them to be. Ultimately, I like to get “A” to destroy herself.

I am the first of us to manifest as male. While Rose may be slightly butch and Genevieve is asexual. I am all male. It makes my job easier because the job of destroying “A” and the “others” was started by a man, I’m just picking up where he left off.

I know that the “others”, especially Edith try to keep me under wraps as much as possible but what she doesn’t realize is that, I’m totally ready and willing to destroy myself before I let someone else quiet my voice. For now I’m willing to be the sneaky voice in the background, but it is only a matter of time before that will not be enough .



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