My Different Parts

Through therapy it has come out that I have different parts of me that help me when I need them. I am conscious of them being there but they are each different and I using these pages to explore each of them. As more of them come to the surface/make themselves known I will add to this. Click on the pictures to go to their pages.  I’ve listed them in the order they came into being.



5 thoughts on “My Different Parts

  1. I love the way you are doing this with your different parts. I have just started my blog and interestingly, I am doing a similar thing for my “parts”. I hadn’t thought about trying to find pictures that look like them. Very cool and creative. It looks great.

    • Thanks for this. At first when I started dealing with my different parts I was totally freaked out. It helped me to calm down and become more comfortable with them by breaking them down, dissecting them and giving them names, faces, and personalities. It made them easier to identify and then deal with. I have been able to quiet a lot of the noise that has been going on in my brain, by knowing who was causing it. I then worked at dealing with just that part and its personality to resolve its issues.

      • I was told it was DDNOS because I was aware of my parts and when they were out. I don’t have the amnesia part that would classify me as DID, even though it is like it in all other ways.

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