Those That Stood By Me

My Cousin/Gabriel

Son of Abel and Edna – Brother of  Azariah, Amos and Half – Brother to Leah and Ethan

Gabriel was like a guardian angel to me when I hit my teens. They were the years of suicidal thoughts and he was always just a phone call away. More than once he dropped everything to come and get me. He is the oldest of my uncle’s three boys. Due to my mom’s inability to say no, they practically lived with us and they spent every vacation with us. He is more older brother than cousin. We see my grandfather and the poison that he spread on us and we call it for what it is… Sick, perverted shit. We no longer toe the line and keep the family secrets and for this we are the black sheep of our family.

 My Cousin/Sophia

Daughter of  Jacob

For the longest time Sophia’s family lived right next door to us. Their home became the place I could go when I needed to escape my own. In a lot of ways I think I am closer to Sophia than I am to my own sister. Even though she and Dinah are the same age. I think it is because we don’t have any of the issues that came with me being the one who raised her. Sophia and I are friends and family. The good kind, the kind who help when you’re down. I let her pick her own name for here. She choose Sophia meaning wisdom. Her wisdom is allowing her to embrace her femininity, something we as girls in our family were never encouraged to do. She has learned and is teaching me that being a woman is just as important as being a man.

My Cousin/Hannah

Daughter of  Tabitha

Hannah is one of my two cousins that where born in the same month and year as me. This gives us a special bond. We were close growing up because for a while her family lived with us and then they live down the street.

My Aunt/Tabitha

My father’s oldest sister and mother of Hannah.


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