Kit is the child I use to be before the abuse – innocent, guiltless, untouched, free, blameless, really just a baby.  She’s all joy and sunshine and flowers. She loves the simple joys of life – A blue sky, a pretty flower, a soft animal, nothing goes unnoticed by her. On the other hand she was unable to deal with the ugliness of the abuse, so she was killed when “A” created Sonja, as a way to protect her from it. Now she has a way of resurfacing in a ghostlike manner to remind “A” that there is still beauty in the world. Sometimes her presence is triggered by other small children, especially if she feels that they are in danger of any kind. It’s like”A” can hear her screaming a warning – “BAD! BAD! WRONG! STOP IT!” This will usually triggers Sonja to the surface.

Because of Kit’s age at the time that the abuse started she really didn’t have a voice to give herself a name. She was too young. “A” felt that this was unfair as all “A’s” other parts have names so she took it upon herself to name her. “A” turned to the baby name sites for suggestions. I knew that I wanted her name to mean something like pure, clean or innocence. There were a lot to choose from but Kit just seemed right. It was cute and something that a young child could say easily.

Kit dresses like any other small child, stubby, short pigtails, rompers and a stuffed toy. When I see her in my mind she has my favorite yellow duck that I’ve had for ages or a stuffy Eeyore.

Kit is the part of me that loves children’s movies, coloring books and dolls.

Links about KIT:

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