I am Sonja, amazon warrior, feminist, protector of the innocent, defender of the weak, a rescuer. I am vigilant in my watch of little children to make sure that what happen to Kit will not happen to other children. Kit usually warns me when something just doesn’t seem or feel right. Protecting the weak (children or women) is more important to me than even my own life. When I see injustice I feel moved to action. I am the one that wanted to burn child molester in my grandfather’s grass with gasoline (Edith wouldn’t let me) If I had, had my way they would have all pay for what was done to “A”.

I dress as a warrior would, which causes my inability to even seem like I care for things like style, fashion, clothes, make-up. I carry weapons of protection, and my hair is fire-red and long. If I could get the “others” to agree to it we would own a gun. I like to practice my marksmanship with video games and the bow and arrow.

My name comes from the movie Red Sonja. It’s about a girl whose innocent life was destroyed, her village was burned, her people killed, her body violated. She rose above all this to come back as one of the greatest warriors – man or woman – of her time. The movie spoke to my vengeance part.

Sometimes I feel more male then female, because of my chosen path.This makes for a very lonely life because I’m not sure where it is that I belong. I seek independent and freedom. I don’t care for the shackles that the conventions of society would like to put on me just because I am a woman, and therefore considered in their mind, the weaken sex. I have done everything in my power to prove that just because I am a woman, doesn’t make me weak.

I don’t fear being out alone at night. I have the ability and the brains to protect myself. I am a force to be reckoned with. Men should fear me, yet I find that I am more in the company of men, then women, because women don’t know what to do with my masculine attitudes.

I know that others see me as cold, distant and aloof, but this is because I become so absorbed in my own tasks/goals that I forget those around me. I have a tendency to put on binders, so that everything else is forgetten but the goal.

I tend to be opinionated but that is only because I am almost always right. I am instinctual and very primal. In this way, I am closer to animals then humans. I often seek the comfort of animals because of this.
I seek a place that is my own where my small group of friends can come and go. I want to be appreciated for my efforts and all the things I do to help.

It is hard for me to just let go and have fun. I also need work on learning to trust men, which I don’t.

I rage against injustice and sometimes can be merciless. I realize that sometimes I react with extreme emotions such as anger that are out of proportion with what is happening around me, but these reacts come from years of repressing trauma and abuse.

I like action, thriller, adventure movies and hard rock music. They calm my restless spirit and they speak to my need for action.



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