Becca is my teenager; she is the rebel, the one that wants the clothes, the funky hair color/cut, more than one earring in each ear, and the make-up. She wants to tell the world to go F*&@ its self. She doesn’t care what other people think, because if they don’t like it that’s just fine. She first started coming to the surface when I was a teenager. Suddenly she was there to help me get rid of the things that I didn’t want – the trips to my grandparents, the seizures that were not being controlled because my mom wouldn’t put me on medicine. She is the one that fought to get me my first pierced earrings, the ability to wear make-up and the right to dye my hair away from its blond color to red it has been ever since. She is the one that is there for me when I have to be in a group situation.

Becca has her bad points too – she is a bit of a thrill-seeker, she likes to drink too much whiskey, she likes to dress and act inappropriately, she is always horny and wants to find a man, although finding one and actually having one are two different things. I’m not sure that Becca could deal with a man once she had him. She is more of a tease then a follow through type of girl. To deal with her need for a man she likes porn or other erotic things. She likes to cut herself or otherwise hurt herself just so that she can feel something/ anything. If I let her, she would have a tattoo somewhere on my body that would not go over in my family or with my religious beliefs. She is the part of me that doesn’t believe in God or more to the point she believes that God doesn’t give a damn about us.

Becca got her name from a girl who “A” made up in her mind that would go off and have wonderful adventures. She could be and do anything she wanted. Then “A” started to buy into the stories and the possibilities that where open to Becca that were not open to “A”. “A” thinks the name Becca sounded kick-ass, cool and just a little rebellious, thus “A” draw to that name for her teen.

Becca is like a cross between Goth queen and biker baby. She wants purple and pink highlights in her hair, two braids down her back, funky make-up, feather earrings, a tattoo, and to show way too much skin.

Becca loves 80’s music (the music from “A”teen years) and music with a highly sensual natural to it. She likes teen movies, scary movies and stuff with vampires and werewolves. She also likes roller coasters.

Links about Becca:

The Teenager is Out Again

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Men, Liars and Idiots


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