Emotional Support Animal Letter

For those who are looking for what your doctor may need to include in your letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

“A” is currently under my care, and has been since Sept. 4, 2013. I have prescribed, as a necessary addition to her current therapy and treatment, the continued use and ownership of an emotional support animal in order to alleviate the chronic and debilitating symptoms associated with her emotional/mental disability, some of which can’t be anticipated.

“A” has an emotional/mental disability which includes symptoms such as panic attacks, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia and dissociative periods. These symptoms greatly limit “A”‘s ability to cope with what would otherwise be considered normal, but significant day-to-day situations including but not limited to sleeping, eating, interacting with others, dealing with any kind of stress, concentrating, talking, thinking. To help alleviate these challenges and to enhance her day-to-day functionality, I have prescribed “A”an emotional support animal. The presence of this animal is necessary for the emotional/mental health of “A” because its presence will assist her in coping with the symptoms she is experiencing, by reducing stress, making her less anxious and allowing her to feel safer in her environment by reducing her panic attacks and PTSD induced flashbacks, making it easier for her to leave the home and interact with people, and deal with her major depression. The presence of an emotional support animal will also help with keeping/bringing back “A” to the “here and now” when she is experiencing dissociative periods. An emotional support animal’s obvious ability is to provide support, comfort, security and relaxation has been proven to enhance the treatment of patients that have the same symptoms that “A” experiences and will enable her to live and enjoy life more fully.

I am therefore strongly recommending the she be allowed to utilize her emotional support animal in her home permanently, as a necessary treatment and support system. Under no circumstances should she be separated from her emotional support animal as this could exacerbate her symptoms. The therapeutic use of this animal for “A”‘s emotional/mental disability should therefore legally be allowed under the Fair Housing Act.

 If you have any questions feel free to call me.


My Doctor