My Broken Family Tree

 I am going to post this here as a page so that I can make sure I including everything and everyone, and so that everyone can follow who I’m talking about. I just want to mention that the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I have picked biblical names for most of them. I am going list each of my family members, their name and something about them. This list will grow as my story does.
I’ve broken the pages down a little further by
  1. My Immediate Family
  2. Those That Stood By Me – ones that really help me with everything, including my abuse and its aftereffects
  3. Everyone Else – This the group of everyone else – the ones that couldn’t or wouldn’t take sides, the ones that didn’t know to take sides, the ones that are just there and matter in my story.

My Mother’s Side – Yes it is more detailed because I have dealings with most of these people Daily.

My Father’s Side – I’ve only listed his siblings and their children not spouses.


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