I am Rose, and I am the exceptional woman. Meaning where other woman can’t do things, I can because I’m the exception. I may have been born a woman but I should have been a man. I consider myself “one of the boys.” I am smart and I think logically and strategically. I never allow my emotions to sway my decision making. I use my brains not my instincts.

My name is Rose because while I may be nice to look at just like roses I have protection to keep away those that are unwanted; I have thorns. You can see the beauty of what I am and what I do but with the thorny protection you won’t want to reach out and touch me. Which is all the better for me because I have no need for anything but logic and documentation.

I am a city dweller, the faster the pace the better. Technology is my friend. I like to be in control, but I’m not afraid of learning new things, because that gives me even more control.

I am very inquisitive making me a quick and gifted student. I’m great in a crisis but I don’t trust in the abilities of others to do things. So I tend to be a loner or if not that the leader. I often do everything myself or double check the things others have done.

I’m very much my father’s child, I’ve always aligned myself with him when it came to family disagreements. I’ve only ever care about what he thought of me, and to a smaller extend as I got older how other males viewed me.
Things such as cleaning, cooking, etc are beneath me, I have no time for them and if someone else doesn’t do them they just won’t get done. I was the part that was up most when we were working 50 to 60 hour weeks in the corporate world. I am kind of like a robot. I see what needs to be done and I just do it.

I love to travel, explore, learn about history and culture, but at the end of the day the accommodation better be high class. I refuse to sleep on the ground, shower with bugs, or stay somewhere without hot running water. 

I am neat in both my appearance and my work space. The power suit is my friend. Everything has a place and everything in its place. My hair is short, orderly and out of my face, very much like my male counterparts. In fact, I dress as close to them as I can.

Just as boys were taught not to cry in public, I too show no emotion in public and very few in private. To show emotion is to show weakness. As “one of the boys” I can never be weak.

Having to give up my career has been like dying. While I logically know my health will no longer allow me to work 60, 70 and 80 hour weeks. I miss the power of it.

I not sure a relationship is for me. I would need a powerful man. One that I could respect enough to allow to co-exist with me.

I like Foreign Films because I would like to learn other languages, I also likes music from other countries and operas. She is drawn to the logic and procedure of doctor and criminal investigation TV shows.

Rose copy


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