Thank You

I like to take a moment to thank everyone who reads my blog. I know that the subject that I discuss is not an easy one to read about, but it is my hope that by being open about it that I can help others. I’d like to also thank those of you that leave me comments. The following comment was left for me just this week when I really needed. It was beautiful to me and made me cry.

“I just found your blog the other night, and I can’t stop reading it until I’ve read it all….what you write just seems to reach me in those deep, covered places that even I myself haven’t been able to reach…though I’ve struggled for years doing just that.  I wasn’t abused sexually, nor physically, but definitely emotionally.  I would not say it is worse, but it is harder to admit that one was abused when there are no physical scars to look back upon, not until your adult life is so screwed up that you have to wonder why, and you begin to look back into your childhood for clues….that is me.  I’ve not been able to put the puzzle pieces together, until now, as I read your blog.  You express so many of the feelings and thoughts that I have, but haven’t been able to access, or even put into words.  And for that, I say THANK YOU!…..You may not ever know who you are setting free in this world with your writing…or how many people you are helping…but I KNOW it is A LOT, because this is the internet, and it’s all over the world.  PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, keep writing!!! Your journey and ability to write so eloquently about it is setting others free,,,I know it!! So I wanted to  comment to encourage you to keep going, especially when the dark thoughts creep up and take over and lie to you and tell you this blog is useless, or dumb or whatever…all the pain you’ve suffered and endured as a child is not going unnoticed, and it’s not a wasted pain…God is using you now to fix others all around the world! Imagine that, when you finally begin to fix yourself, God can use you now to heal and bind up the wounds of people you don’t even know….Truly, I believe, that you are indeed rising from the ashes, and that you are bringing beauty and hope of this to others from those very ashes of despair…….”

This comment and so many others have help me to go on writing, knowing that what I do here is helping others.  This is just my way of thank all of you for your support.


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