Peter is the second male alter I’ve had emerge and the one I dislike the most. In many ways he is the alter that is most like my abuser, a religious extremist.  Peter spends hours mentally flogging me over anything that is even slightly outside his ridged belief system. He leaves “A” feeling beaten, bleeding and broken. Peter is asexually, like a monk or a priest or at least like a priest should be. To him sex is something we just don’t have in any form especially if we are NOT married. That is the only place that sex is allowed within the sanctity of marriage and only with your husband or wife – female to male, male to female. It is definitely not something to be talk about, read about, sung about or watched.

Peter is blonde-haired; blue eyed and sees himself as the Good Guy in the fight for good and evil. He feels that this can only be done be self-flagellation, a practice of beating you sins from your body with a whip. He is seen as almost a Nazi by his fellow alters. He is never without the whip he uses to flog “A” with, I think if he could get complete control of my body, I would start to see actually sights of self-flagellation, as it is he can only do this mentally and emotion. But the pain is almost as bad as if he actually was ripping into my flesh. He has an almost gleeful dislike of Lola and enjoys punishing her and thus “A” for her actions.


The Legacy Of Child Abuse – SEXUAL ISSUES

Depressed = Not Doing A Thing  = More Depressed

Enough Already!


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