Revisiting My Alters – Part 2

As I said last week I have been revisiting my alters and their pages. We are working on allowing them to write their pages for their point of view. I started last week with reposting Lola’s and Edith’s pages (there was an error and the old pages were not replaced but that is fixed now). This week Sonja and Rose have finished their pages and I have posted them as well. I’m having a little problem with the others they don’t want to come out right now so it may be a while.

Also I’ve learned from Kit that she can’t write and she wants help – I think Sonja is going to write what she has to say, if she can get past Edith being pissed that Kit won’t let her do it. The problem here is that Edith(mother figure) feels she should be that one to do it, but Kit doesn’t like her much and Sonja (protector, especially were Kit’s concerned) is battling it out with Edith because of this. So this may be a problem especially if Edith gets it into her head not to let them out at the same time or at all. Nothing like dealing with pissed off/battling alters to make life even more complicated.


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