Revisiting My Alters

I have been doing a lot of work with my alters (the screaming voices in my head) as a way to one get to know them better and two find out what they want. This is all part of what my therapist has me working on – acceptance. To help this along they’ve rewritten their pages from their point of view. Only Lola and Edith have finished theirs so far. It is a long and stressful process which is leaving me exhausted, with really bad headaches. Because of this I can only allow my alters out for short burst of time to work on their stuff.

As they finish their pages I will be updating/reporting them to the site. This last week they have mostly been pushing the artistic side in the form of self portraits. I came across a sketch pad with figures that you add clothes, shoes, etc to, making them each individualized. Then you color then. The girls have been having a great time with this. The boys on the other hand, don’t care and are happy with the pictures we have that are a representation of them.

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that going forward my alters (or at least some of them) may start posting their own thoughts or whatever here. I’ll try to get them to use different color text and sign their posts so we’ll know.


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