Finding The Underlying Cause

If this dieting thing is teaching me anything, it is that I need to find the underlying cause to why I eat in the first place. Unlike most other things ( drugs, alcohol, etc.) that you can become addicted to, food is not something you can stop doing. You have to eat to survive, but what you eat is a whole other matter. When you eat to comfort yourself without looking at the why you need comfort, you never fix the real issue, and it keeps coming round again.

I was rereading one of my books on loving yourself and I realized one of my biggest problems is me. When you are so loathing of one’s self, you don’t even need others to make you feel bad and in need of comfort. When the very voices in your head are telling you that you are fat, ugly, no good, stupid, bad, worthless, lazy, etc. it doesn’t even matter if those around you are saying that you are not those things.

So I am working on two things in a hope of one losing weight and two feeling better about myself.
First I have to change my thinking (this is no easy matter), I need to start listening to the positive things others say about me, and start saying and believing in them. Time for some affirmations. I’ve gotten away from that. Second I need to be more conscious of what I’m eating, why I’m eating it, and if maybe I should be eating something else or nothing instead.


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