Revisiting The “D” Word

After almost a week of basically gagging down, more meat then I usually eat in a month, I’ve come to one conclusion – this is NOT the diet for me. I have had migraines all week, felt dizzy balanced-dietand last night I almost passed out. So while the doctor is all for that diet,I can’t be. Now I need a new plan – and I think I have it. Seven years ago I was on a diet that I actually lost weight and keep it off, up till Satan (grandfather) died and my life went to h@!! and food became the comfort I need to get through the day.

I’m going back on it because it means having more normal eating habits, it’s all about portion control, calories and being able to eat what I want, it’s healthier more rounded and I get to eat fun things once in a while. It’s called the 90/10 diet. 90% of your calories come from low-fat, low-calorie foods, and 10% of you calories come from fun or cheat foods. I’m still going to stick to the 12 to 14 hundred calories I have been eating a day. Which means I still am giving up Coke-Cola, but that is probably a good thing anyways.

I wasn’t made to eat tons of meat; it makes me sick, depressed and not want to eat at all, because out of everything meat is my least favorite food group. I also know better than anyone that I can’t stay with a diet I don’t like.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting The “D” Word

    • Thanks, I seem to remember that from before. I’m using my fitness pal to track all my food and exercise. It’s a great site because not only does it track calories, but also protein, sugars, carbs, and fat.

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