New Blog

First of all let me say that I am not in any way stopping or ending this blog. I just need something fun. I’ve found that lately I have been VERY depressed, so I have decided to give myself something nice – a new blog where I can record songs, poems, crazy quotes, whatever makes me happy. I’ve called it Love Letter to the World. Its all the things I love and I am sharing them with the world, I’m not even sure anyone else will care but I want something that is not all about heavy issues. 

Also I feel with all the modern technology that we have sometimes we miss out on the beauty of words. With text message and chat, everything is LOL, TTYL, BRB, OMG, WTF, B2W, L8R, OTB, ^5, CU. These are not even words, and yes I’ll admit I had to look some of them up the first time I saw them. I want to recapture the beauty that comes with the written word, so I am sharing what I love. It’s giving me a little project and allowing me to do what I love read and write, I hope some of you will join me there. As well as being on the look out for my continued writing/work here.


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