Me Again

cb8c69bfd0bcd0_fullI looked in the mirror this morning, after I cut 4 inches of hair off yesterday, and all I could think is “I’m me again!” It was the weirdest feeling/realization. No longer is my hair half way down my chest, no longer do I have to spend time washing, drying and fixing it EVERY day. I can wet it and go and it looks great. I didn’t really realize HOW much my hair was making me feel like a stranger in my own body. Now it is stylish and chic and I feel empowered and strong. All of which I am going to need to get through tomorrow – Babylon’s funeral. Which means family and friends mourning a woman who is better off dead. I told my mother the only reason I am having any part in it is because I love my mother and I appreciate the fact that Babylon gave birth to my mother which made my being here possible. Other than that I have no care for the woman. Then comes the family drama which should be fun to watch but I no longer feel the need/compulsion to join in on it. Plus to add to all that one of my uncle Abel’s many women friends is stay with us, which means you have to be entertaining and listen to them go on about my uncle Abel. (oh joy, oh fun)

Here’s hoping I get through tomorrow, without saying how much I hate the woman, everyone else is mourning. Here’s hoping that my sexy new hair cut will keep me feeling like me, which will keep everyone else from coming out to play, meaning that for once I’ll be in the present.


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