Who Am I Kidding…

As much as I try to get myself to believe that tomorrow will be a better day, let’s face it; that’s bull. When you are an adult survivor of sexual child abuse, there is no mythical, sunshiny tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be pretty much like today and yesterday and all the days that have come before. Just because the abuse has stopped doesn’t mean the effects of it are going to stop, too.

Let’s look the legacy that child abuse leaves behind:

Anger (my personal favorite and the one that I feel ALL the time), Blame, Guilt, Avoidance, Control Issues, Depression, Denial, Doubt, Eat Disorders, Fear, Identity Issues, Isolation, Jealousy, Loneliness, Lying, Repressed Memories, Trust Issues, Being TOO Nice, Cutting, Sexual Issues – I am sure there are more but these are mine and I want to talk about each and every one of them.

For a while now I have been so wrapped up on what is going on around me that I have neglected what was going on in me. So my next posts are going to deal with The Legacy Child Abuse Has Left Me one at a time.


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