Encouraging Message For Anonymous Person

Usually I don’t share what I read on the internet here on my site but this touch me. In a way, I feel like this blog is my bathroom wall. It is the place where I can say all the things that I feel – what has hurt me, why I’m angry, my story and so much more. Every time someone response to it with a comment it is like finding a message from someone I don’t know tape to my bathroom stall. It’s a little light of encouragement in my personal place which is filled with the hell I’m going through.

So today I’m going to listen to this person’s message and remember no matter what:

I am worthy.

I am strong.

I am brave.

I am loved.

And somebody cares.

I’d also like to say to whoever wrote this message: If you’re out there reading this, you are a wonderful person. Not everyone takes the time to care. And you never know when something that may seem as simple as this letter could save a life. As someone who has a lot of secrets that only can be shared in a place of anonymity, I know how painfully those secrets are, and how much knowing someone is listening and cares means. So thank you.


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