Major Panic Attack

I had a major panic attack the other day. Which answered the question is the Klonopin really helping me or is it all in my mind. I had to go for my yearly blood work which means I can’t take any of my meds before I go. I HATE needles, I HATE getting my blood drown and I HATE anyplace the remotely feels like a doctor’s office/hospital. So I usually put off blood work for as long as I can – I’m supposed to do it every six months; I manage once a year. I get to the place and there is no one in the waiting room (that’s good), so I good right back. Then the lady starts counting out the vials – 8 big ones! I start looking around the room for a picture to focus on, this is something I learned to do a long time ago, to focus on the picture and put myself in it. But guess what the big boss has decided that they no longer want anything on the walls, so there is NOTHING for me to focus on except for the needle, the blood and the 8 vials they have to take. Still I try to hold it together. I close my eyes and start to hum, while I picture the beach. This is hard to do when you have the lady asking every two seconds if you are ok. I wanted to yell “I would be if you shut up, and finished already.” She finally finishes and I’m still holding on by a very small thread, when she goes into the next room which has a kid that is under 2 in it. The kid starts crying and I start to snap. I have to get out of there fast. Only to have to get on an elevator that sounded like it was going to plunge to the ground floor at lightning speed because the cable was about to snap and was slower then molasses in Janaury..

Between the crying kid and the elevator from h<!! (I hate being in tight close spaces) I was now in desperate need of my Klonopin. It took getting home; taking my meds and 2 hours to come down from the panic I was feeling.

This is the worst panic attack I have had in months, I’m usually able to ward them off with the meds or when I do get them they are gone in minutes. Not this time.



2 thoughts on “Major Panic Attack

  1. What an intense experience 😦 if they took 8 vials of blood from me id be on the floor. I faint with just one taken?!!! X

  2. OMG yeah i totally hate needles too the thought freaks me out weeks in advance. I have to calm myself down or i would NEVER turn up for an appointment.

    Thanks again. Lisa x

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