Family Vacation Minus The Family

Tomorrow starts my family’s vacation which includes my parents, my sister, Dinah and her family, my uncle Abel and his son, Azariah and his family and my mom’s best friend. While under normal circumstances a week in a mountain cabin sound wonderful, a week with my family in that same cabin is comparable to a week in the nut house. My mom has been pushing me really hard to go on this trip with them. Thank goodness for my shoulder injury that makes it impossible to do any of the things that they will be doing – white-water rafting, tubing, fishing, mountain climbing. It has become the perfect accuse not to go, but it isn’t the real reason I’m not going.

As my father so wonderfully put it the other day, mixing Dinah and Azariah leads to only one thing; them torturing me all week. If it was one or the other of them, I might be able to handle 3 or 4 days, but with both of them tag teaming me, plus having to be with them for a week; I’d walk away either insane or wanting to beat the s&!t out of them. After all no one can walk away from a week of one person telling how perfect, perfect, perfect their life is, while making you feel that with a little more effect yours could be too, while the other person is constantly telling you that you are wrong, wrong in the way you feel, wrong in the way you talk, wrong in the way you think, wrong in the way you breath, and that you should just to it his way, although that would be wrong too. I have enough issues with my self-worth without being brain washed by two people who are supposed to love me because they are family, but all they do is tear me down.

Instead I have voted for my sanity and a vacation that calls for me having the house to myself. It will be quiet, relaxing and I don’t have to worry about my dog because he will have me to take care of him. Which means he won’t stop eating which is what he does when I’m not home. I figure I’ll spend some time at the pool, get my hair done, go to dinner with friends, maybe see a movie or two and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Plus I have a lot of school work that I have been putting off to catch up on. So here’s to me and getting to enjoy the family vacation minus the family part.


2 thoughts on “Family Vacation Minus The Family

  1. Sounds lovely to be able to kick back and just thrive in an empty house for a bit. Currently what I’m doing I guess! Enjoy 🙂 xx

  2. A lot of times … it seems like people are more like be like I say; not like I am – because in truth they are not being as nice as they could or should be – especially in making a negative out of your life to booster their self-esteem. Sorry that you have to go through this.

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