Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I don’t usually do this here, usually save my movie reviewing for my Hugpages, but my movie review on this deserves to be mentioned here as well.

I HATED this movie, and I don’t often say this about movies. I may not like a movie but Hate is a big would that I don’t usually use for movies.

Spoiler Alert!!! for those who haven’t seen this, yet, and are planning too.

Reasons I hated this movie:

  1. It’s incredibly sad and depressing. I watch movies so that I’m not sad and depressed, not to become even more so. If I had been alone I won’t have mad it through the first ten minutes of this movie before turning it off. The problem was is that my mom say this movie at the theather and keep telling me to come back and watch it even though I keep walking away.
  2. If you have a panic disorder this will really trigger it. The child’s anxiety issues are shown in a way that make us understand what he’s feeling. If you already exhibit those feelings, it magnifies it a hundred times. I need to take extra Klonipin (anxiety meds) about 30 minutes in.
  3. Through the whole thing I keep thinking this child is in pain. He needs help. Why the hell hasn’t someone gotten this kid into grief counseling or something like that, especially after he showed his grandfather the bruises and sores that he had self-inflected. Which of course triggered my issues with the adults in my life not noticing the pain I was in.
  4. I found all the adults, except his father, who was died, to be so self-absorbed. Here this child is in crisis mode and they’re too busy dealing with the own stuff to notice. (Yes, I know, again it sounds like my family). Even the grandfather who at first was helpful walked away because his grief was so great that the kid’s didn’t matter. I think it is shameful that for over one year and 3 months the child was carrying around this great burden of pain and the only person that would listen to him was a complete stranger.
  5. What mother in their right mind, even a grieving one, would let their child go all over New York City all by themselves talking to complete strangers? This is New York City, the crime rate is horrible. I don’t care if she went to all the strangers before hand to tell them he was coming. What if one of them was a pervert or a pedophile. Also if she felt that she had to let him do it, why wasn’t she following his every step making sure he was safe instead of waiting at home for him?
  6. The whole movie infuriated me. I felt like the only person that loved that child died on 9/11. Not even the great acting talents of Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock could save this movie for me. After all they had about a combine scene time of 20 minutes.

Of course my mother loved this movie but what was even more maddening was the fact that she couldn’t see that the way the kid felt is the way I feel all the time. I sure wish I had gone with my gut and walked at the beginning of the movie because now I’m sad, depressed and angry. Angry because my mom can feel something and understand the child in the movie but she can’t use that to understand any of what I go through.

For more on this movie see my review: http://phoenixjournal.hubpages.com


One thought on “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

  1. Well this is one movie I shall be avoiding like the plague, funny how people can’t see the suffering of those under their noses but in movies they seem to relate and see it, if only they saw clearly what was really happening around them than keeping their heads in fantasy land.

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