Helps Those That Helps Themselves

God or your higher power (whatever you believe) helps those that helps themselves. After the last post looking for help, I decided to do something to help myself, so I went to the library and got out a bunch of books. Basically I took out anything that looked good to me but they mostly have to deal with Anger (which I have a lot of and want to get rid of) and Finding Happiness(which I like to have at least a little of if not a lot). I hope to have a couple more books to add to my recommended reading list real soon. Trying to work my way through them, hopeful I will have some new tips to share as well. Till then I’ll be reading.


One thought on “Helps Those That Helps Themselves

  1. It’s cliche to use the glass half full/half empty view of life, but I am beginning to understand in my own personal search for lasting happiness that my attitude/perceptions/choices are what create those positive feelings more than any outside source. I also realized that maintaining joy is like learning to ride a bike, it can take awhile to get your balance, but once you’re going, you’re good. There are bumps and falls and rocky terrains, but we need to pick ourselves up and get back on, otherwise we’re just sitting on the side of the road feeling sad with a bruised ego. There are infinite possibilities to be joyous, keep your eyes open and you will find them! I am proud of you facing your anger… I don’t think it’s something to banish, it’s necessary, it tells us when things are unjust, fearful or when we need love, but something to be managed and used wisely. You are ever amazing to me, your strength and ability to keep moving forward, even if it’s baby steps. I am proud of you! Lots of love from the west coast. xoxo

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