Family Trees

I’ve add family trees to the site here. One so that I can keep everyone straight after all I am using made up names for everyone and two so that my readers can see where and how all these family members fit together.

My mother’s side is a little more detail because I deal with them more, plus her side is confusing because you have one woman – Edna – who married both of my mother’s brothers, Abel and Cain. She also had children with both of them. It’s kind of like a soap opera if you haven’t been watching for years you need a chart to know who’s married who, who’s slept with who, who’s related to who and how are they related.

My dad’s side is easier to follow it’s just his parents, him, his siblings and their kids. I didn’t go into spouse and kids of kids cause I don’t see his family as much and they are not as big a part of this journal because that side wasn’t involved with the abuse. Sorry to any of my family members that read this but it’s just easier for me.


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