Just A Brief Update

Everyone made it through surgery fine and are now in skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) going through rehab. I have been so busy that I really haven’t had time for much writing. Right now I’m working on boundaries – what I am and what I’m not willing to do.

I will cook dinner for my family, but only if the meat is taken out of the freezer ahead of time and you don’t call me at 6pm expect me to start dinner then. Don’t expect me to work a miracle at the last-minute and whip something up out of thin air.

I will do the laundry for both Grandmothers, but don’t expect me to see them daily. My adopted grandmother I will see 2 to 4 times a week depending on my health. Babylon, I don’t want to see at all, so don’t expect it.

I am now trying to get across to my family, especially my father, that all of this has caused my Fibromyalgia to flame up big time – which means PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, upset stomach, loss of appetite, not sleeping, skin issues, and more PAIN, so if I am in my room with the door shut. That means I’m trying to sleep, so leave me alone because I am not going to help you.

I keep having to remember what both my friends and my therapist say – I have to help myself to help other, not help others at the cost of myself. I just keep saying my Affirmation for Boundaries.


One thought on “Just A Brief Update

  1. Good for you! Excellent boundaries. Stick with it girl. I have a history of letting my boundaries slip ever so gradually, so stick to your guns. Get that fibro
    into remission. Rest well and enjoy the Good Grandma. Much love to you.

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