Triggered By A Seemingly Innocent TV Show

It’s very weird for me to be triggered by a TV show. Once in a while there may be an episode that I can’t watch on one of the crime shows I love, but that is very seldom. Usually I’m more drawn to the episodes that deal with child abuse than triggered by them.

That’s why being triggered by this show threw me for a loop, it wasn’t a crime show. It didn’t deal with abuse. It was made in 1965 for goodness sake. It’s all innocence and light. It features Sally Fields, and while she did trigger me in Sybil, I have been able to watch her in other things, no problem. So what was it about Gidget, the TV Show that triggered me? I’ve watched the movies, nothing.  I’m barely into the first episode and I start feeling …. Yucky, I guess is the best word.  Of course, I don’t listen to that yucky feeling right away, I mean its Gidget, a show about a 15-year-old girl who loves surfing. I loved the movies; I should love the show, right?  It was made it 1965 – it’s wholesome. There is no reason I should feel yucky. By the third episode, I’m feeling totally creepy and had to turn the show off. Then came the questions of why – why was I getting triggered by something that was so NOT triggering.

It took me a while but I keep going back to the first time I feel that yucky feeling and I realized it was the father. His and Gidget relationship weirded me out. It started with the scene with the two of them in Gidget’s bedroom, when she is ready for bed, talking about her problems. He was sitting on her bed, (a big no-no for me, I don’t like anyone sitting on my bed when I’m in it) and then he kissed her goodnight on the fore-head. There was no mother on the show (this is different from the movies), but there is an older married sister. The older sister is always trying to run things with Gidget and the Father and Gidget work to circumvent her.  They seem to have a secret code that they only know, and I’m getting triggered just writing about this. Or maybe it’s because the show keeps putting a 15-year-old girl in situations with guys that at so much older than her. Even her boyfriend is 18 (can you say jail-bait), and she’s had to lie to him and tell him that she is 16. The hardest part is that the father not only doesn’t seem to mind that there are all these older men around his 15-year-old but he encourages it.

Needless to say I stuff all three discs back into their mailers without watching the rest and sent them back. No more 1965 TV shows for me, their so-called innocence is actually a big trigger for me. It seems that I am better able to deal with the blood and guts of crime shows.


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