Understanding Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS)

If you are like me and been told that you have dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS), the first thing you want to do is find out everything you can on the subject.

A Diagnoses of DDNOS means:

A dissociate disorder – Not Otherwise Specified is a disorder that includes a dissociative symptom (i.e., a disruption in the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of the environment) that does not meet the criteria for any specific Dissociative Disorder. DDNOS includes variants of Dissociative Identity Disorder in which personality “states” may take over consciousness and behavior but are not sufficiently distinct, and variants of Dissociative identity disorder in which there is no amnesia for personal information. Other forms of DDNOS include possession and trance states, Ganser’s syndrome, derealization unaccompanied by depersonalization, dissociated states in people who have undergone intense coercive persuasion (e.g., brainwashing, kidnapping), and loss of consciousness not attributed to a medical condition.

Important Note: Often a diagnosis of dissociative disorder not otherwise specified may evolve into another dissociative disorder if left untreated.

The following is the Dissociative Spectrum and where DDNOS falls on it

Now we know what it is and that it is important to get help for it. So I start to look for more information and come up with very little. As most of you know that have DDNOS, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), has way more information on it out there. The interesting thing is the combination of PTSD-DDNOS is the most frequent diagnosis in survivors of childhood abuse. You would think with this being the case there would be more information on it.

If any of you have more that you’d like to share I’d appreciate it.


12 thoughts on “Understanding Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS)

  1. Thank you for writing that blog entry. I too have ddnos & ptsd. I have read many books on the topic of trauma & disorders trying to find something more specific to the type of symptoms I personally experience. My most pressing symptom is my memory. I used to think I had alzheimer’s even though I am very young. I dissociate frequently through out the day. Evertime I dissociate, my brain dumps everything out of my head. Sometimes I am stopped mid-sentence & then can’t remember any of the conversation. Sometimes I am driving & forget where I am going, or if I remember where my destination is I can’t remember the way to get there. I sometimes walk from room to room in my house wondering what it was I went into the room for. If I take a nap, when I wake up I can’t remember any of the day prior to the nap.
    I am confused most of the time, because it takes my brain alot of work to try and constantly piece things back together. I used to feel very frustrated and upset with myself for dissociating so much. But it is involuntary & I wouldn’t yell at myself for sneezing.
    I’m glad I found your website. Do you have any books you could reccomend for reading?

    • try reading – The Stranger In The Mirror by Marlene Steinberg and Maxine Schnall – it helped me a lot

      • Is there any places on the internet for children raised by people with DDNOS? I have done searches, but found very little support for my situation.

      • Not that I am aware of. I’ve had a really hard time finding anything much on DDNOS. I was raised by someone that is considered on the line between DDNOS and DID. maybe I can help you with some things.

      • I don’t even really know what I want help with…lol
        It’s just plainly not fun, now is it?

      • No, I’ve yet to find the fun that comes with mental illness, mostly every day is a struggle.

  2. Doubleaux7 I don’t know if you will read this,but I am too a person that was raised with my mother being Ddnos. I know how hard it is,and frustrating. Hope you see this.

    • I do see your message. I’m not even sure what I’m looking for. It’s not like I need help with it. It just gets frustrating dealing with it at times.

      • I know the feeling, I am so frustrated all the time with this disorder. I wish for a magic wand to take it all away. Too bad that is one wish that won’t be coming true.

  3. Now I know why I feel so different and have always felt so different and emotionally unable to cope with daily stressors throughout my life, Always being too afraid of everything not fully able to confide in others. I feel so validated knowing my experiences have a name and etiology.

  4. I just discovered the DDNOS diagnosis last night and immediately knew this is me. For most of my life I related to multiple personality disorder or DID as it’s now called even though I didn’t have blackouts. Trying to discribe something like this is very difficult because it is so easy to have someone say “everyone experiences that at sometime” like forgetfulness while driving or in the middle of tasks or situations. Sometimes there is a regular forgetfulness but the other kind feels different and it is very difficult to explain. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to a traumatic childhood and I am currently in therapy. Like you I am amazed there is not more out there on the subject. Some of my parts I have conversations with and many hide but I know they are there. I am so excited about finding this disorder because now I can validate what I am going through. I can explore within without feeling like I am trying to make myself crazier. I can acknowledge myself at last. I hope my therapist understands. We have a very good relationship and I trust her. Thank you for this blog.

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