Six So Far…

Right now there are six different parts of me that are willing and able to identify themselves. They are seperate from me and yet I know that they are there, I can see them, I can hear them and they seem to be directing me. I have finished narratives of them under About Me > Different Parts of Me.

They are:

Kit – My Child

Becca – My Teenager

Rose – My Logical Robot

Edith – My Emotional Being

Sonja – My Warrior/Protector

Genevieve – My Spirituality

Right now they are what I need to process what I am going through and I have a feeling that I am going to need them even more with what is coming next. I’m not sure what the next is but it is filling me with a sence of dread.


One thought on “Six So Far…

  1. I Just want to say Thank you for sharing so much of you. So sad you have had to experience so much trauma. I wish you peace
    Kind Regards

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