Naming the Parts of Me

My post on the different parts of myself has prompted the question of how I came up with their names. Each of them came in different ways and at different times, so I’m going to try to explain the process of their naming as best I can.


Kit is my child. She really didn’t have a name or even a voice to give herself a name. She was too young. My central part “A” felt that this was unfair as all my other parts have names so she took it upon herself to name her. This may sound stupid but I went about it the way any parent that is naming their child does it; I turned to the baby name sites. I knew that I wanted her name to mean something like pure, clean or innocence. There were a lot to choose from but Kit just seemed right. It was cute and something that a young child could say easily.


When I was a teenager I would make up stories in my head about this girl – Becca – that would go off and have wonderful adventures. She could be and do anything she wanted. I thinks that she was the start of my other parts, because I started to buy into the stories and the possibilities that where open to Becca that were not open to “A”. I think Becca sounded kick-ass, cool and just a little rebellious, thus my draw to that name for my teen.


Rose came into being with my need to write, especially this blog. I know that if I want to express my feelings that it couldn’t be as “A”. “A” had no privacy, everything she wrote, everything that she tried to keep secret was invaded, search through, read, whatever. I went with Rose for this part of me because just like a rose, my writing draws people in. But roses have protection too to keep away those that are unwanted – thorns. My Rose has passwords, encryption and a false identify as her protection.


Edith is a name the “A” part of me doesn’t like; in fact it is one of the last names she would have ever picked. Edith is all the things that “A” doesn’t like to feel, experience. She there because right now “A” needs someone to handle those things, but it a love-hate relationship.

I hope this explains my process of name my parts. I can’t really give you a hard and fast way to do it. All I can say is go with what you feel. I do have other parts of me that are in there too, but they either don’t feel the need for a name or are not ready to be named yet.


One thought on “Naming the Parts of Me

  1. Thank you for this post. I have also looked at baby naming sites and have researched the meanings of names. I found this so very helpful and I love how each name really speaks to that part of you in it’s own unique way. I for one, am grateful for you and for all the parts of you that you share here with others. You make a difference.

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