Trying Something New This Thanksgiving

As we enter the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, I am getting trigger by every little thing. Usually at this time of year, I pull into myself and hide in work. Sometimes I have worked so many hours during the holiday season that I  feel like I should just get a pillow and sleep under my desk instead of going home.

This year, since I’m not working and can no longer hide in that escape, I have decided to try something new, different and a little scary. I have decided to embrace my life again and try to enjoy the season. This meant a 2 day car trip with my mom to see my sister. Thank god for books on tape. I don’t think I could have spent two days in the car with my mom otherwise. Now I am trying to build some new hopefully better memories to take the place of the childhood ones that keep coming back year after year after year. I’ll see how it goes.


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