New Class

I have sign up for an on-line class entitled “Learning to Love Yourself” for the simple reason that I need the help, right now. It starts out asking the question “Who Am I?” Boy, is that a loaded question! And one that I don’t have an answer to. It goes on to say that we are not the things that we do – we are not our jobs or our illness. We are our Thoughts! That is it; that is all.

We should not define ourselves by what we do because that may change and with that change we can become lost and confused if that is the way we see ourselves. It goes on to tell you to reflect on what you think, eat, wear, and the relationships that you keep, for the will tell you all that you want to know about yourself and the way you love yourself. If you are allowing things into your life that you shouldn’t, like anger, jealousy, fear, bad food, drink or other chemicals that damage your body; you are not showing yourself the love you deserve. With self-love comes a path of growth, not trouble or doubt.

While here’s something that is depressing to think about 80% of whom and what we are today was established between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. Let’s see between 8 and 12 I was still being abuse by my grandfather, I was a mother to my sister, I was hitting my teenage years and I was being told that I was useless and unworthy.

Learning to love yourself starts with the simple thought that we are all good and complete, so this week the class wants me to works on saying “I love myself” as many things as I can. After all, I am my thoughts and loving myself starts with the healthy thought pattern – I am good and complete.


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