This Year I Will…

Yesterday I talked about the role I played in my dysfunctional family and my need to finally escape it. I’ve just started reading a book that I think is going to help my with that – This Year I Will… (How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True) by M.J. Ryan. I know that this may sound like a New Year’s resolution to many but it’s not. It’s just a undying need for change so I don’t go crazy.

The very first thing I need to do is find something that I can commit completely to. Because without being really committed, without really, really wanting this, I will never care enough to follow though when the times are difficult.

So what is it that I really want? What is it that I can commit to and follow though with no matter how hard it gets.

This Year I Will…

1. Break away from my role as my family’s savior. It is time to allow my parents to go it alone. It is no longer my responsible to save their marriage, mediate their arguments or to talk sense into them.

2. Discover myself, who I am, what I want from life and where I am going.

3. Write something every day be it for my blog, my school work or something else. I will express my inner feelings and creativity on paper.

I know what I want now I plan to commit to it, work as hard as I can at it, be ok if I sometimes mess up, but always, always continue at it. 


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