What Are We Selling Our Girls?

I start every day with turning on my computer and going through the news stories – reading what interests me. Today, I got this article on JC-Penny’s Teen Clothing Line and I made me ballistic. Even if I didn’t have the issue of my abuse by Satan being blamed on my looks and his inability to resist it, I would still have an issue with clothing that told teen girls that being cute and pretty was better than being smart; clothes that basically say “be dumb and pretty, it is better that being smart, let the boys take care of the important things.” Where am I? Is this 1950? Because this is the attitude that I would expect from that era. Where has the feminine movement and the last 60 years gone to that we are once again making girls out to be the lesser, weaker, stupider, less important sex in the battle of the sexes.

I am glad enough parents were as outrage as I am by this message to their girls that the store was forced to pull it. It just makes me wonder about JC-Pennys that they would let a concept like this one get all the way to the selves of their stores in the first place. Come on we need to be setting a better example for our future generation.


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