Something I Like to Do

Today instead of being focused on the wedding, my health issues or emotion problems, I  took the day to do something I like to do – Cook. I realized that I have gotten so tied up with everything going on around me that I have forget to do some things that I enjoy doing. Yesterday we hit the produce stand and so many things were on sale. I got zuchini the size of baseball bats and a bushel of plums for a dollar. So today I started the day with making zuchini bread. My motto is if your going to cook something make a lot, so now I have a dozen muffins and two loafs of zuchini bread. I took some of the plums and made a fresh plum sauce with ginger and cloves. I sneaked a taste of it while it was simmer and its yummy. Its suppose to go on the pork I’m making for dinner, but it is so good, I want to pour it on ice cream or something.

I realize as I was making all these things that I haven’t cooked/baked in months. Usually I was making something 2 or 3 times a week. I’m going to have to get back in the habit of doing that. Because I find cooking to be so relaxing and theraputic.

So to everyone out I say “do something you like doing, today, just for you.


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