Today’s Affirmation

Today’s Affirmation – CHILD ABUSE

What the child survived, the adult can heal.

I have lived through the unthinkable, I am a survivor. I acknowledge the abuse. I no longer keep it a secret. It was something terrible that happened to me. I will ask for help and seek treatment. I recognize that I have feeling of sadness, anger, fear, guilt, and shame. I will no longer hold them inside where they can hurt me. I will express them in a healthy appropriate way. I will experience them all.

I am no longer a victim with no control over what happens to me. I am now in control of my life. I am a survivor in the truest meaning of the word in that I will live on, I will prosper.

I am making myself over into the person I want to be. I am able to trust. I forgive myself. I love myself. I heal myself by increasing my self-worth and self-esteem. I am a good person worthy of love and happiness. I live in the present, not the past, and I welcome the future and all it holds for me.


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