Having a Hard Time

Right now I’m having a hard time with the believing that “this can be healed” part of my therapy. I feel like the more I find, the harder it is to believe that I will ever heal and be anything but a crazy, nervous wreck. This week has been especially hard, what with the new memories surfacing and the fact that there isn’t a time in my childhood that I can remember not being abused in.

I keep wondering what makes people do the things they do to children. As much as I try not to watch the news, read the paper – right now the Casey Anthony case is a big thing. I have a hard time with these types of cases thus my avoidance of the news media, but people won’t stop talking about it. It so sad because while everyone is talking about the trial, the evidence, the verdict, etc. they are forgetting the real story a LITTLE GIRL DIED A REALLY HORRIBLE DEATH. This is why I don’t watch the news. I can’t stop obsessing on stories like this one.

So once again I’m back to why to people to these things to children and why can’t we round up the ones that do and shot them. I think my need for vengeance is showing. I think I am going to have to watch a movie or something where a lot of people get blow to h#!! and back to make me calm down and feel better.


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