Staying Present

I have a very hard time with staying in the present and not dissociating, this is especially hard right now with the medications I’m on. So I want to talk about what I do to stay present.

1. STAY FOCUSED – I try to stay focused on what is going on around me. I use my senses – what do I see, hear and feel. I use music or books on tape a lot to stay grounded in the present. If I am listening to something it is a lot easier not to float/disassociate. So today I am going to focus on what is around me and ask myself these questions: What do I see right in front of me right now? What do sounds do I hear going on around me? What do I feel right now – clothes, the sun, a breeze, water? What?

 2. BREATHE – I will focus on my breathing. Pulling the breath deep down into my belly, hold it for a few seconds and then allowing it to exhale through my nose. I will focus my mind on nothing but Breathing in, Breathing out, Breathing in, Breathing out, until I have aligned myself back into the present.

 3. MY EMOTIONS – As with focusing on my breathing and what is going on around me, I will focus on what is going on inside of me. How do I feel? Is my dissociating due to the fact that I don’t want to deal with feelings that are coming up. By fighting these emotions I am not helping myself but am feeding it. By surrendering to this emotion, I am taking away the power it has on me. Surrendering will help me deal with it, it will make it vanish. So Surrender and Let It In! I use this blog for this. Writing is a way of me to access my emotions.

 4. EXPERIENCE MY SURROUNDINGS – Remember the joy of seeing something for the first time? The wonder and joy of that first experience. I will try to view my surrounding as if I am seeing them for the very first time. I will put myself in the role of someone who has never been here before and try to find the wonder and joy in my surroundings.

5. AFFIRMATIONS – I will say affirmations to help me say focus and present. (For affirmations click here.)


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