Today’s Affirmation

Today’s Affirmation – Beauty

I am beautiful just as I am.

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.

I have the right to say I am beautiful inside and out. I am beautiful in mind, body and spirit. That beauty will not hurt me. No one can take it from me or use it against me. Like a flower, I am beautiful in my own way and I am constantly unfolding and revealing my beauty.

Nature thrills me, renews me and refreshes me. I find a healing power in all of nature’s beauty. I find it easier to look at myself with love and beauty as I take in the beauty and love of the nature around me. For I am part of that nature and thus, in my unique, I am part of its beauty. Where ever I look I see nature’s beauty and I resonate with that beauty.


One thought on “Today’s Affirmation

  1. Hello sweet lady A,

    I love your website, I stumbled upon it by accident / angels leading me here perhaps 🙂
    You are very brave, I have experienced similar events at the hand of my Grand Father also. 😦
    Please know you are loved, appreciated and supported.

    Thank-you for your voice X Blessings J

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