This is the part of me that I have been feeling for a while but couldn’t get a handle on. It is slippery. This part likes to stay hidden, crawling around in the dark recesses of my mind, slithering in and out of its hiding places. The part that is obsessive in its task to do harm to “A”, either physically by cutting or emotionally.  It’s the part that tears everything that “A” does that is good down. It’s the part that will give me no peace. I can hear it whispering always in the back of my mind. “You are worthless. You are dirty. You are no good. Nothing you do will ever be good enough. If you’d just listen to me this could be over already.” This part has no face, it has no name, and it’s just a shadow and a voice. To make this part easier to keep track of I’m just going to call it the Shadow.

The Shadow has no feelings, no likes or dislikes, it just has a job. Its job is to destroy. Destroy “A’s” self-esteem, her worth, and if she lets it her life. The Shadow is evil. It’s the only one of my parts that I get a diffident masculine vibe off of. While Rose may be slightly butch and Genevieve is asexual. The Shadow is masculine. I think that this has to do with the fact that the person that started all of this self doubt to begin with was a man.

Links about The Shadow:

A Darkness Inside

The Shadow and A Voice

Enough Already!

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