Sonja is my protector, my warrior, my knight in shinning armor. She is the side of me that seeks vengeance for what happen to me. She is the part of me that wanted to burn child molester in my grandfather’s grass with gasoline (“A” wouldn’t let her) If she had her way they would all pay for what was done to”A”. She is also the part of “A” that is on vigilant watch of little children to make sure that what happen to Kit and her core will not happen to other children. Kit usually warns her when something is just not right.

She got her name from the movie Red Sonja. It’s about a girl whose innocent life was destroyed, her village was burned, her people killed, her body violated. She rose above all this to come back as one of the greatest warriors – man or woman – of her time. The movie spoke to my vengeance part.

She is dressed as a warrior, she carries weapons of protection, her hair is fire-red and long. She is the part of “A” that wants to own a gun. She likes to practice her marksmanship with video games and the bow and arrow. She is the one the requires “A” to sleep with a baseball bat when I’m alone.

She likes action, thriller, adventure movies and hard rock music. They calm her restless spirit.

Links about Sonja:

Killing Me

Kit and Sonja and Why They Were Formed

Anger and Mayhem 

The Truth Can Leave You Broken and Bleeding

Enough Already!

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