Rose is my voice, my courage to speak about my abuse, the rape by my grandfather; she is the one that is pulling the others to heal. She is the one that is healing me. Rose came into being with my need to write, especially this blog. I know that if I want to express my feelings that it couldn’t be as “A”. “A” had no privacy, everything she wrote, everything that she tried to keep secret was invaded, search through, read, whatever. So this is where Rose surfaces. But Rose herself has not emotions attached to the healing process, to her it is a logical thing – You have a problem – you talk about – you get what you need to fix it – you fix it. Rose was the part of me that was up most when I was working 50 to 60 hour weeks in the corporate world. She is kind of like a robot. She sees what needs to be done and she does it.

This part picked the name Rose because just like a rose, my writing draws people in. But roses have protection too to keep away those that are unwanted – thorns. My Rose has passwords, encryption and a false identify as her protection. You can see the beauty of what she is and what she does but with the thorny protection you may not want to reach out for her. Which is all the better in Rose’s mind as she has no need for anything but logic and documentation.

Rose dresses all business like, suits and tailored clothes, a little jewelry and make-up, but nothing over the top and a stylish hair cut that is easy to maintain and that stays out of her face. Clothes are to cover one’s self.

Rose likes Foreign Films because she would like to learn other languages, she also likes music from other countries and operas. She is drawn to the logic and procedure of doctor and criminal investigation TV shows.

Links about Rose:

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Enough Already!

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