Edith is my pain, my depression, the one that was continually abandon, told that she didn’t matter. She is the one that holds all of my feelings. She is the only one of my parts that believes in therapy. She is also my adult, the one that takes over when no one else is there to be the adult. She is the one that feels the need for therapy and the blog and all the other things that are done to help heal us and make us back into just “A”. Where Rose is a robot – all logic and direction; Edith is all emotion and feeling. She is also a doormat that people walk all over and take advantage of, and she allows it in a hope of getting some form of love or acceptance in return. While Edith is the handler of the emotions that does not mean that she has the memories of the abuse. It just means that she is the one that can handle emotions and feelings.

Edith is a name the “A” part of me doesn’t like; in fact it is one of the last names she would have ever picked. Edith is all the things that “A” doesn’t like to feel, experience. She here right now because “A” needs someone to handle those things, but it a love-hate relationship.

Edith is like a cross between someone’s grandmother/mother and an artist. Her hair is in a bun/ponytail at the nape of her neck, comfy clothes – like jeans and t-shirts, no make-up. The truth is, is that she doesn’t really care what she wears or what she looks like. She’s just herself and people wil; have to accept her for that.

Edith likes oldies and old country music. She likes to watch classic movies and period pieces. She likes to knit and cook and finds both relaxing. Nothing makes her happier than cooking a hugh meal and having lots of people over to enjoy it.

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